Holy Sit: I had Cancer. I'm Cured. Holy Sit!

I had Cancer. I'm Cured. Holy Sit!

I was diagnosed with uterine cancer in October 2011. Doctors recommended immediate surgery and if necessary, radiation. I received the initial call on Wednesday, October 5th, 2011, the same day that Steve Jobs passed away from pancreatic cancer; his choice of using alternative healing modalities was now being publicly criticized. I was working as the Chief of Peace for The Shift Network, a cutting-edge, consciousness-raising company. My belief system was literally in my face forcing me to make a quick choice that would have life-altering results. Did I believe I should follow the traditional route; cut the cancer out, poison anything remaining with radiation and hope that would be the end of it? Or, did I believe what my years of spiritual training had taught me? Did I believe the cancer had shown up to teach me something, that I had somehow contributed to its presence and that there were other ways to heal my body with less damaging effects on this human shell of mine?

I wanted to know why I had manifested this disease. I wanted to learn how to pull the weed by the root so I wouldn't chase cancer around my body for the rest of my life. I made the conscious and scary choice to heal my entire body, mind and spirit, without harming the parts of my body that didn’t have cancer. After powerful spiritual signs, painful soul-searching, reliable research, I rejected standard cancer treatment and I sought out alternative healing options.

I am thrilled to tell you it worked! Today, I am celebrating a cancer-free life!

I’ll be sharing parts of my miraculous and hopefully insightful and helpful healing journey here at www.holysit.com. I’ll share:

  • Immediate steps that anyone can take as soon as cancer is diagnosed (aka what I wish my doctor had told me the day of my diagnosis).
  • What I ate, what I didn’t eat, where I found help and how I healed my body.
  • How I addressed the fears and doubts when old coping strategies (aka sugar and booze… the fun stuff) would only fuel the cancer.
  • How I made peace with my type A, high performance personality that fueled me back when I worked at Microsoft, but likely primed me for cancer.
  • A miraculous spiritual surgery story involving Jesus and other members of my spiritual swat team.
  • The strange musical soundtrack that accompanied my healing journey.
  • How I ended up in the hospital on Christmas with a fever of 105.4 degrees and was still conscious (and posting on Facebook - really?)
  • How the Northern California dance community, a Polish healer, Maria (an angel) Hope (a human), Bear (a human) and Li’l Blue (my car) literally saved my life.
  • The benefits of coffee enemas – yes, really!
  • What my kick-ass doctor prescribed to make sure the cancer was gone, gone, gone, daddy gone.

In short, Holy Sit will document the story of how I followed the spiritual signs in my life to conquer stage-two uterine cancer in less than four months without traditional surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. By today’s standards, it is truly a miracle!

WARNING: This story will dabble dangerously on the edge of science and spirituality. While not religious in nature, there are some “noteworthy” saints who make guest appearances from time to time. It will probably push your buttons, cause you to question your belief system and likely cause you to question mine! This story will be emotional (I’m a woman who had cancer in her hormonal center – ups and downs are as inevitable as rain in Seattle!) But most importantly, I hope my story will inspire you or someone you know who is on a healing path and/or spiritual journey. Maybe if we are brave enough to navigate this path together, we will laugh a little, cry a little, improve our health and find more inner peace.

Thank you for sharing this very personal journey with me. The story begins here...

In peace,
Emily Hine