Holy Sit: Holy Sit

Holy Sit

Holy Sit is the story of how I followed the spiritual signs in my life to heal stage two uterine cancer in less than four months without surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation. Through mindfulness, supplements, whole foods, a great doctor, and incredibly noteworthy divine intervention, I am now cancer-free. By today’s medical standards, this is truly a miracle!

But truthfully, Holy Sit is ultimately every person’s story of waking up, facing your worst fears (cancer, loss, depression, trauma etc.), pulling your "issues" by the root, and choosing to create a life you love. This is about walking a tightrope of intuition, determination and faith when your life and happiness depend on your decisions and actions. 

Please join me on the Holy Sit journey of optimum health, spiritual awakening and finding more inner peace and compassion in this beautiful, chaotic world of ours. Abbreviated sample chapters are listed chronologically in the drop-down menu below:
Wishing you peace and great health! 

Emily Hine
Author & Peace Officer, Holy Sit