Holy Sit: Do You Believe in Miracles? Part I

Do You Believe in Miracles? Part I

It was only my second night at Optimum Health Institute, the land of endless wheatgrass. At around four o’clock in the morning, I had what might be referred to as a lucid dream. In this altered state, I was standing inside my own uterus. A uterus is only the size of a pear or perhaps an avocado, so either I suddenly possessed a uterus the size of a bedroom, or I’d become two centimeters tall! Having never been inside this strange place, I looked at my red, squishy reproductive organ with curiosity. I quickly realized I wasn’t alone.

Jesus was standing directly in front of me. He’s back! But he didn’t look like he was there for a chat. Given that I’d had contact with him in meditations over the years, seeing Jesus wasn’t as much of a surprise as the fact that he was standing in my uterus, holding a giant silver machete in his hands. While I assimilated this information, I realized he had a small team with him. The Archangel Michael stood to my right. I then felt a presence behind me, and turned to see the Archangel Raphael.

Now, these were all heavy-hitting, holy men hanging out in my uterus. Jesus is… well… Jesus, and needs no introduction. The Archangel Michael is the protector. I hoped he’d protect me from the machete held, ironically, in the hands of the Prince of Peace!

The Archangel Raphael is famous as a healer. Coincidentally, I was in San Rafael, California, when Maria, the human-angel, knocked on my car window and advised me not to have traditional surgery, but to eat organic food, drink Kombucha tea, and surrender to Jesus. So far, mostly by coincidence and intuition, I’d followed her prescription. At that point, it didn’t look like I’d have a choice but to surrender to Jesus, since he was yielding a sharp weapon. To add more bizarre synchronicity, I recalled that Maria worked for the San Rafael mission, named after the healer cum saint standing in my fleshy womb.

I’d barely had time to digest the “coincidences” and inexplicable experience when I found myself displaced again. I was above the scene, as if in an operating room viewing area. I was no longer in a position to interact with Jesus and the saints. I could only watch through a glass window to see what they’d do next. Surrender to Jesus, indeed. Thanks for the foreshadowing, Maria!

I both saw and felt the next occurrence. Jesus took the machete and whacked at something I hadn’t seen before. A mushroom-looking growth, at about his knee level, had evidently grown in my uterus. I watched, and with one swoop of the blade, Jesus cut off the stem of this growth below the base. He’d clearly used this “surgical” device before. At the precise moment of impact, when the blade hit my uterine wall, I felt immense pain in my abdomen. I took a deep breath to process the pain. Jesus continued on his mission. He walked over to Michael and, using the same quick motion, cut a small divot in my uterus. It was similar to a golf divot, but deeper and wider. I felt pain in my abdomen again, but this time it was less severe. Next, Jesus moved over to Raphael and made another divot in my uterine wall. Again, I felt my body tense up. Pain rushed from my abdomen, and past my stomach, where it registered in my heart. Something painful is happening here!

By then, I was fully conscious; my heart was pounding, and I was breathing quickly. Before I could catch my breath, the scene in the makeshift operating room was over. Jesus and his surgical team had disappeared from my uterus, and I was sitting upright in bed. But the pain was with me for another minute or two. As I opened my eyes and tried to catch my breath, I had to recall where I was.

As the throbbing subsided, I couldn’t fully grasp what had happened. Was it real? Was it a dream? I got up from my bed to use the restroom. I was mentally prepared to write the event off as a funky dream. That was my plan, at least. Then, while emptying my bladder, I realized that I was bleeding heavily, as if I had just come out of uterine surgery. This was unfathomable to my logical mind. My monthly cycle had ended the prior week. Vaginal bleeding of this volume didn’t make sense. I continued to bleed in this manner for the next five days. On the fifth day, something even more abnormal came out of me. A few days later, while watching a presentation at OHI, I saw a duplicate image of the abnormality that had come out of me that fifth day. The facilitator identified it as dead cancer cells.

My heart held such hope, and my spirit was right there encouraging me to believe that I’d just had a healing spiritual surgery, but my logical mind needed answers. I needed to go to the man himself. It was time to have a come-to-Jesus meeting… 

Wishing you peace and great health! 

Emily Hine

Note: This Holy Sit blog is one in a series of blog posts that tell the story of my journey healing from cancer without surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. It's also about spiritual awakening and finding inner peace in a chaotic world. If you want to read the full story, check out the chapter titles on the Holy Sit home page & start with this one.  Cheers to your health!