Holy Sit: A Human Doctor Joins My Spiritual Swat Team

A Human Doctor Joins My Spiritual Swat Team

In the last chapters of the Holy Sit story, I wrote about my miraculous, mystical surgery with Jesus, Raphael and Michael and the subsequent Come to Jesus Meeting. Even as I tried to make sense of these new and unexpected events, I knew I had to hold two complementary viewpoints to keep forward momentum: 
  1. I had to have consistent faith that the spiritual surgery actually happened and that I would be fine. This was beyond the intermittent faith that comes in obvious spurts and is easy to point to and affirm with a resounding Hallelujah! This depth of faith was beyond anything I’d ever asked of myself. It was like blindly falling backwards off a cliff trusting that I had actually already been caught. All I had to do was believe and continue to follow the signs and instructions I was given and I would be fully healed from stage 2 cancer. I was being asked to up my spiritual game, so to speak. 
  2. While my spirit could handle blind faith, my human brain still needed time to acclimate to a miracle of this magnitude. So, for my brainy self that likes to run interference on spiritual growth, I needed to have a back up plan. My back-up plan was Dr. Connealy a human addition to my spiritual swat team. I would be meeting with her shortly.
In the meantime, after the spiritual surgery, I was definitely filled with a new kind of hope. It was now my second week at Optimum Health Institute in San Diego. I’d already lost 8 lbs and was feeling detoxified and much lighter in my body. My energy was coming back. A cautious optimism was coming over me. 

However my optimism was truncated upon receiving a message from a medical technician back home who kindly informed me that my recent mammogram results came back and that there was a suspicious spot in my right breast that needed additional testing. I felt like someone had just pissed all over my breakfast.    

I had scheduled an appointment with Dr. Connealy, an MD I researched who was using complementary therapies to heal people from cancer.  I found Dr. Connealy while watching the Cancer is Curable Now video (listed on the Holy Sit Resource page).  Dr. Connealy is an energetic firecracker whose confidence spoke loudly to me. In the video, she said that people first have to choose to live. The interviewer seemed confused and asked something like, “Doesn’t everybody want to live?” Dr. C didn’t sugarcoat her response. The truth was, not everyone who came to see her who had cancer, actually wanted to live. She was a straight shooter and I appreciated that she didn’t dodge this critical part of the recovery process. I recount my internal wrestling with this depressingly necessary question in Suicide by Cancer. I found Dr. Connealy to be smart, direct and open-minded. I wondered if she was open-minded enough to hear and accept my spiritual surgery story…

The appointment was on a Wednesday and I drove Li'l Blue, my environmentally friendly Prius, the 60 miles from Optimum Health in San Diego to her office in Irvine, California. After the usual check-in procedures, my spirit, my brain and me sat in the room with my long list of questions waiting for Dr. Connealy to arrive. When she came into the room, I found her to be personable yet no nonsense. We were here to get this Uterine Space Invader out of me and we both knew we had a serious job to do.

She asked me to tell her about my diagnosis. I told her about the pre-cancer uterine scare in previous years and the stage 2 diagnosis of Uterine Cancer the month before. I told her about Dr. Quick Blade and how I had rejected the assembly-line method of being rushed into surgery. I told her about my recent alarming mammogram and how I refused to chase cancer around my body with a knife, chemo and radiation gun for the rest of my life. I proclaimed that I was here to pull this sucker by the roots and make sure it never came back anywhere else in my body. She liked my enthusiasm and desire to get to the basis of the disease.

After she asked what I had done so far to heal, I informed her that I had cleaned up my diet, cut out all sugar and that I was in my second week at Optimum Health Institute on a serious detox program. She could see I was willing to do the work and she commented that she wished all of her patients would detoxify their bodies before starting their healing protocol. It would make everything so much easier. Then, I debated about telling her about my spiritual surgery. Would she think I was nuts? But since it was part of my healing and since there is absolutely no room or time in cancer-treatment for of any kind of luxurious self-consciousness, I plowed forward.

I painted the whole scene for her, telling her about Jesus, the machete he used to remove tissue from my uterus, the five days of severe bleeding afterwards and the post-op meditation meeting. As I finished my story, her expression didn’t change. She didn’t blink. She didn’t lose eye contact. She simply said, “Good, then you are already healed and our job is to make sure it doesn’t come back.” THAT is when I knew for sure that I had found my doctor.

I asked her what she would do for me. And, she recited a long list of supplements:
High doses of Vitamin C, Pancreatic Enzymes, CoQ10 and a whole litany of proprietary herbs and supplements I would need to take.

She recommended that I drink some sort of mushroom tea a few times a day. She also prescribed coffee enemas five times per week. What the hell? First, wheatgrass and now Starbucks up the butt? Seriously? I asked her why and she helped me understand that coffee enemas help the liver release all of the toxins that are coming out during the healing process. Well, okay then.

My job was to take the herbs every day, throughout the day building up to the dosages required.

As I thought about everything she told me that I would need to do, I could hear my smart, slightly skeptical, definitely sarcastic, brother Jim, asking if they would be sending me Eye of Newt along with the mushroom tea and magic juju roots. Shaking off my genetic roots and focusing on the end goal instead, I asked her in several different ways what all of this would REALLY do for me. She summarized it by saying, “This protocol will get rid of any remaining cancer you might have in your body. Do you understand what I am saying to you?” “Yes,” I said, almost fully convinced.

Although this was all alternative stuff, it sure as hell beat letting Dr. Quick Blade take away my girly parts for good and then wondering if the cancer would come back somewhere else in my body. Deep down, I knew I had made the right decision even if it was an unpopular one. I felt strongly that the signs were clear for me to try this approach and with my spiritual swat team and Dr. Connealy on my healing squad, I had faith that I could heal from cancer naturally.

Now, the question was, how would I tell my friends and family what just unfolded over the last two weeks? Would I even tell them about the Jesus surgery? Perhaps not just yet. Would they really believe that mushroom tea, herbal supplements and coffee enemas would save my life? In reality, it didn't matter what they believed. It mattered what I believed. And I believed I could heal this way. But first, I'd have to survive the Holidays taking this new protocol which wouldn't be easy, as the next chapter will reveal…

Wishing you peace and great health!

Emily Hine

Note: This Holy Sit blog is one in a series of blog posts that tell the story of my journey healing from cancer without surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. It's also about spiritual awakening and finding inner peace in a chaotic world. If you want to read the full story, check out the chapter titles on the Holy Sit home page & start with this one.  

Disclaimer: I’m not a medical doctor and the information provided here on Holy Sit is just one approach based on my experience and personal research. If you have cancer or a major disease, please, use your common sense and seek out qualified medical professionals for your healing team. Don’t stop searching until you find the doctor and health team that works for you and supports your style of healing. You might find something helpful on the Holy Sit resource page